Marketing operations is one of the newest, more exciting department within the marketing team. When structured correctly, this team can have a huge impact across the entire organization.

Marketing Operations Definition

The marketing operations role is responsible for four major areas within a marketing organization – technology, measurement, processes, and budgeting.


The tools that a marketing team leverages for all aspects of their day-to-day such as project management, marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and digital marketing platforms.


The ability to see the results of marketing campaigns should be key to building the future marketing roadmap for an organization. Having consistent reporting provides confidence is planning, executing, and analyzing marketing campaigns.


Within an organization, teams are more efficient when there are well established and consistent processes in place. These processes include marketing campaign lifecycle, marketing-to-sales lead handoff and reporting schedules.


Marketing dollars are usually limited unless you are able to prove that they are providing a return. Creating and maintaining proper budgeting along with historical data will help with goal creation and accountability.

Why is Marketing Operations important?

All four of these areas are the backbone of a marketing team. If one of them were to be unstable, the results of the entire team would suffer.

The marketing operations team is expected to the be the subject matter experts in not just marketing, but all internal teams and their respective processes. This allows for a seamless transition of data and information organization wide. Many companies think of their marketing operations team as the first responders to issues that arise; able to quickly identify the root cause and provide a sustainable solution.

The Common Misconception of Marketing Operations

The primary misconception of marketing operations is that the only responsibility is to administrate marketing automation. Though this is part of the job, it is far from the full picture.

At NoMad Marketing, we promote the idea that all four components – technology, processes, measurement and budget, need to be thought of as one holistic responsibility.

Sure one could have a marketing operations team focus on a couple of the components, but think if the only responsibilities were technology and measurement. If no one was worrying about the process of how the leads were being sent to sales, how could you ensure that there is not an issue causing a loss in revenue?

Instead of working on each component individually, we work with all of them at the same time. This allows all the pieces to come together creating scalable, sustainable models that will enable high performing marketing teams.